pole-dancing.jpg Pole dancing is increasingly being seen as a form of exercise by many women. It is all about endurance, coordination and sensuality. Catching on to the trend, Veronyka Rivera, director and owner of Moving Body Fitness studio in Palm Desert, CA is offering lessons on pole dancing. She offers pole dancing 101, 201 and body sculpting classes. Her fitness studio also offers classes other classes for body fitness.

Highlights of Veronyka Rivera's classes
a. These classes are aimed to build a woman's self esteem.
b. Rivera's classes are divided into pole dancing 101, 201 and body sculpting.
c. Pole dancing 101 is for beginners and Pole dancing 201 is for advanced students.
d. All students have to wear stilettos while dancing.
e. The attire required for pole dancing classes is the same clothes as women wear for Pilates or Yoga class.
f. Pole dancing increases the strength of the upper body.
g. It tones the whole body and improves flexibility.