Body wrap procedure is a 3 decade old procedure, founded by Victoria Morton and is becoming popular again, thanks to Hollywood. The procedure is not the traditional dehydrative wraps offered in many med-spas. Body wrap procedure offers men and women to lose 10-30 inches within an hour. The results are amazing and many notice tighter skin, slender hips, thighs and abdomen in just 1 hour.

Procedure Review
a. The procedure starts with the patient sitting in a room set at 75 degrees and filled with invigorating minerals and proteins. Its more like a wet sauna to open the skin pores.
b. The size of the wrap required determined by measuring the customer’s body parts like arms, knees, ankles etc. Then using a dry brush, the whole body is brushed to improve blood circulation. Next, various herbs, creams and gels are sprayed on the body followed by wrapping (with natural, porous, mineral body wraps) the body from neck to heels, tightly. Its recommend that women do some kind of an aerobic exercise while they are wrapped in the body wrap.
c. After 1-hour the wraps are removed. Patients usually see a guaranteed inch-loss of 6”-20”coupled with soft and tighter skin. The inch loss is due to release of toxins from the body.
d. Though, there is inch loss the body weight raises by few pounds, due to sinking of minerals and vitamins into skin.
e. The results can be maintained up to a year or more if one maintains a healthy life style.
f. This procedure also erases stretch marks on the body skin.
g. The procedure is safe, with no known complications.
h. The whole procedure is completed within 2-2.5 hours.
i. Women who are pregnant and those with high blood pressure are not recommended for the body wrap procedure.
j. The body wrap procedure is priced at $ 135 for 1 session and package deals are offered at $219 / 2 session & $495 for 5 sessions.
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