skinny-bitch.jpg Written by Kim Barnouin Rory Freedman, Skinny Bitch is a book that comes straight to the point. Its claim to fame came when Victoria Beckham held up a copy at the trendy Kitson's boutique in Hollywood. Though Skinny Bitch always sold well, sales surged after the Victoria episode. This book has its fair number of critics who say that a vegan diet is fine but dairy products need to be incorporated into the diet for a more nutritious meal.

Book Review
a. This book was published in December 2005 and has been ranked no 3 in The New York Times best sellers list.
b. There is now more than 200,000 copies currently in print.
c. This book advocates a vegan diet.
d. It uses hard hitting language and doesn't mince words when criticizing meat eaters.
e. The authors are working on "Skinny Bitch" series which includes a cook book and a book for pregnant women.
f. It can be bought online from

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