It might soon be possible to sleep your weight away if molecular biologist Dr. Cheng Chi Lee at University of Texas, Houston Medical School, has his way. He has developed a new procedure that will induce a person to hibernate. This, he says, will cause weight loss.

Highlights of the Hibernation Diet
a. This plan involves implanting implants made of the the chemical 5-adenosine monophosphate, or 5-AMP, beneath the skin.
b. This will induce a state of dormancy in a person.
c. The concept is similar to some hibernating animals which survive the winter months in a state of dormancy.
d. Their body temperature, heart and breathing rates will drop drastically.
e. Their metabolism will change from glucose burning to fat burning.
f. They will survive on the fat reserves of the body.
g. This can help in the treatment of obesity and associated diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and eating disorders.
h. The drug is still being developed.

a. Prices will vary according to the period of time a person hibernates.
b. For $5,000 a person can hibernate for six months.
c. For $30,000 or more a person can hibernate for 10 years.
d. These prices are exclusive of long term care.