All fat is not bad. According to a series of papers published in the New England Journal of Medicine, there is a type of fat, known as brown fat, in a human body that can actually help a person lose weight. So far, it was believed that only rodents and human newborns have deposits of brown fat. Dr. Sven Enerbäck, University of Göteborg in Sweden, has proved that healthy adults retain a sizable amount of brown fat in the front and back of the neck by studying 5 patients with the use of latest imaging technologies and genetic analysis.

Highlights of brown fat
a. This fat has abnormally high concentration of dark-colored mitochondria.
b. Its primary function is to regulate body temperature.
c. The mitochondria-packed cells burn high quantities of sugar and release that energy as heat.
d. But with age as the human body becomes more adept at regulating temperature, brown fat stores shrinks and white fat starts to emerge.
e. Usually people with certain types of cancer or hyperthyroidism, conditions that stimulate the growth of brown fat, have significant deposits of this fat.
f. Studies have proved that healthy adults retain a sizable amount of brown fat in the front and of back of the neck.
g. Some studies have shown that this fat’s cells become more active in the cold when a person needed to boost body temperature.
h. It is assumed that brown fat may shift the balance of calorie intake and expenditure which makes a person burn more calories for the same amount of consumption.
i. Another study showed that leaner people tended to have more such deposits than overweight or obese individuals.
j. Women were twice as likely to have active brown fat as men.