hoodia-weight-loss-supplement.jpg The popular weight loss supplement Hoodia has popular clientele Anna Nicole smith is somehow doubted by many for its effectiveness. An recent study conducted by an Independent doctor Dr.Richard Goldfarb dispelled the facts about the weight loss supplement Hoodia. The study conducted to test the efficacy of Hoodia DEXL-10, in reducing weight. The natural plant supplement claims to suppress hunger and makes you eat less. This way it aids weight reduction. The study findings of Dr.Richard Goldfarb have shown that Hoodia is effective for weight reduction.

Study Results
a. 10 persons selected for the study have been given 1 capsule daily and asked to avoid exercising, dieting etc. After 28 days, each one has lost 3.3% of their weight. The weight loss was up to 10 pounds.
b. It was identified that each of them have unknowingly lowered their food intake by half.
c. Hoodia can cause mild stomach upset. This is the only drawback found in few.
d. The Hoodia supplement are not approved by the FDA
e. Hoodia supplements are readily available in pharmacy stores or nutritional supplement stores.