sugar.jpg There is bad news for people with a sweet tooth. It is certified that too much of sugar can lead to a range of diseases. A US National Center for Health Statistics state that the per capita consumption of sugar in the US alone is almost 120 pounds. No wonder that more people are falling prey to diabetes and related illnesses like heart diseases and blood pressure problems. Consumers should, therefore, restrict their use of sugar and try out other forms of sweeteners. They should also check labels of products carefully.

What too much sugar can do ?
a. It can cause metabolic syndrome, which leads to diabetes, in people.
b. It is a major cause of obesity and can weaken the immune system.
c. It makes the white blood cells weak.
d. It can make a person look older.
e. The natural sugar content of fruits and milk are not harmful.
f. A diet that is high in sucrose can change the intracellular metabolism.
g. Studies on rats have proved that fructose leads to changes in collagen production.
h. A person under stress may be more susceptible to sugar.