Weight training is the best way to increase metabolism, toning muscles, building endurance and strengthening bones. However rigorous training can lead to serious injuries and ligament damages. Some fitness experts are now endorsing negative weight training. The fitness regimen stresses on the importance of making concentric and eccentric motions. The negative weight training method is also called as the SuperSlow method. Developed in 1982 to help women with osteoporosis follow a safe weight training regime, SuperSlow is a safer alternative to traditional weight training.

Program features
a. It was developed to help to help women with osteoporosis.
b. It is based on longer and more sustained motion while weight training.
c. The idea is to move the weight away from the body.
d. A person following this regime counts till 10 for an exertion move and 5 for the return move.
e. There is less chance of injury to the body.
f. This training leads to microscopic muscle tearing which makes the muscles stronger.
g. It leads to gradual build up of energy.
h. It is a safer and more effective way for total muscle development.