People following a fitness regime often have a hard time keeping track of their progress. Now with the Tanita BC-545 Innerscan this has been made extremely easy. Designed to assess the impact of exercise routine on different parts of the body and measure individual body composition readings for each individual arm and leg as well as the trunk area, this device can help in maintaining overall wellbeing.

Product features
a. It is a battery operated device consisting of a monitor, 4 footplates and hand electrodes that are connected to the base with retractable cables.
b. It can read the composition of the arms, legs and the trunk.
c. It can assess the impact of workouts in these body parts.
d. It is a quick and effective method of measuring body composition.
e. A weak electric current is passed through the body from the hand and footplate electrodes to measure the resistance to the measurement.
f. This helps in reading the composition of the body.
g. This device has a calendar which can help a person keep track of any changes during a period of time.
h. It comes with a three year guarantee.
i. It costs $390.
j. Pacemaker patients are not advised to use this device.

Via: Gizmag.com