Thin and glamorous French women are the envy of women the world over. It has been the topic of debates and discussions. But the other side of the story s not that well known. According to a new study conducted by France's National Institute of Demographic Studies, French women are the slimmest in western Europe but their slenderness comes at a cost as they also worry the most about their weight. This report was authored by Thibaut de Saint Pol and the results published in the institute's newsletter, Populations and Societies.

Study Highlights
a. Body mass indexes of women in Western Europe were compared by researchers.
b. It was found that French women had the lowest average body mass index at 23.2 while British women had the highest average at 26.2.
c. It was also noticed that French women set themselves very tough standards, exaggerated their weight and considered themselves fatter than they were.
d. Researchers also noticed that France had the highest proportion of women who were underweight, but only half of underweight French women thought they were too thin.
e. The same study found that French men were also the slimmest in Europe and their ideal weight was lower than other western European men.