ana-nicole-smith.jpg The winner of a diet contest sponsored by Trimspa, manufacturer of a diet pill, is surprisingly different. She is an Anna Nicole Smith look alike. This surprising winner's physical resemblance to the celebrity was in no way related to her winning the contest though it did worry her at times when the contest was under way.

Highlights of the program
a. This contest was won by a 44-year-old grandmother who is also a makeup technician.
b. The prize money is a Mercedes and $25,000.
c. She lost almost 60 pounds in a year for the contest.
d. The high point of the winning was a meeting with Anna Smith Nicole.
e. Hayes used Trimspa diet pills for her weight loss.
f. She had to exercise more than 1 ½ hours every day and follow a strict diet.
g. Winners were judged on their weight loss, physical improvement, ability to represent the brand, inspire others and improved quality of life.
h. More than 10,000 contestants participated in this contest.