Cosmetic surgery is not always an option for weight problems. For a temporary solution, one can go in for special stretchable garments that shape the body of the wearer. Worn under dresses, these are new generation undergarments are called body shapers and bear no resemblance to the corset of yesteryears. Industry experts have said that the market for the body shaper garments was $740 million in 2005 – 2006.

Product Benefits
a. These are items of clothing that cling to the body tightly and compress fat.
b. It helps in moderately reining in fatty and problem areas of the body.
c. It helps one slip into a dress without revealing the bulges underneath.
d. It can be a great confidence booster.
e. It gives shape to the body.
f. It acts as support for the back muscles also.
g. It supports sagging tissues and compresses distortions.
h. It is a quick fix solution.
i.It comes in various forms like shaper briefs, thongs, camisole, slips, shorts, pants etc.