Sudden weight loss is not good for the health of the dieter. This is a proven fact. This fact is further cemented by the fate of three women who participated in three separate weight control reality shows on TV in UK. Though they lost weight while the show was on, they could not maintain it later and gained more than they lost. These shows were unrealistic, they put undue emphasis on rapid weight loss and did not complement the weight loss with proper exercise and nutrition.

Risks in crash diets
a. Most TV diet shows do not teach about exercise and nutrition.
b. The pressure to achieve targets is great since it is in the public eye.
c. The environment is controlled and does not reflect real life.
d. It can lead to depression and health problems like abnormal blood sugar levels.
e. Most of the eating plans are unrealistic and not balanced.
f. This kind of dieting can lead to binge eating.
g. It increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.
h. It can also have an adverse effect on nails, hair and skin.
i. It can make a person vulnerable to osteoporosis and weak immune systems.
j. Sudden weight loss acts as a trigger for liver to produce extra fat.