bikini-bootcamp.jpg In the white beaches of Amansala, near Tulum in Mexico, is the exclusive Bikini Bootcamp where women congregate to rejuvenate their bodies. This camp prides itself in healthy living and it should not be confused with a weight loss facility. Though expensive, people who have been there say that the experience is well worth it.

Highlights of the Bikini Bootcamp
a. This is a 6-day camp meant for women.
b. Members have to wear bikinis at all times.
c. Inmates are woken up at 6:45 a.m.
d. At 7 a.m. there is an optional beach or jungle power walk, which is a silent affair for the first 15 minutes.
e. This is followed by a combination of body sculpting, power ab sessions or Pilates.
f. Each day is a combination of hard-core cardio workouts, yoga and nutritious food.
g. Members are kept entertained with activities like swimming and snorkeling in fresh water swimming holes in the nearby jungle, visit to Mayan ruins, beachside massages and Mayan clay treatments.
h. The day ends with restorative yoga and meditation.
i. The food served is wholesome and nutritious with lots of grilled fish and fruits.
j. At the end of 6 days is the "Closing Circle" session where everyone speaks from their heart.

$1,954 inclusive of taxes