yoga-booty-ballet.jpg Yoga can greatly aid in weight loss and overall toning of the body. Regular practice can make one agile, efficient and slim. The best thing about yoga is that people from any age group can practice it without any side effects. Moreover, it also leads to a general sense of well being. Since, obesity has now assumed almost epidemic proportions, it is a relief that instructors Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonoug show the way with their Yoga Booty Ballet 2 disc set.

DVD Review
a. The Yoga booty ballet contains 50 minutes of exercise, meditation, breathing exercise and vigorous workouts.
b. The workouts music has latin drums music in the background.
c. It ends with another round of meditation.
d. It aids the burning of fat from the body.
e. It helps in relaxation.
f. The price of the Yoga booty is $19.98 and is available for purchase at