The California Medical Board has accused Dr. Harrell Edward Robinson of Anaheim Hills and Dr. Shir Miskinyar of Santa Ana of gross negligence and incompetence. The board is considering disciplinary actions which could result in the doctors getting a reprimand or they might even lose their licenses. Neither of these doctors are board-certified in plastic surgery.

Highlights of the accusations
a. Head and neck surgeon Robinson stands accused for performing procedures without a patient's consent.
b. He is also said to have borrowed $15000 from her later by regularly calling on her home and insisting on a loan.
c. Besides, the patient has complained that he forcibly kissed her.
d. In another case, Dr Robinson replaced a woman's breast implants and later performed a breast lift.
e. This patient had to be hospitalized later due to an exposed implant which was visible at the base of an open wound.
f. Robinson did not immediately remove the implant.
g. He could not be located for comment.
h. The woman apparently paid Dr Robinson $16,000 for a tummy tuck, but instead she got a liposuction and facelift during surgery which she did not ask for.
i. On the other hand, Dr Miskinyar, from All Beauty Plastic Surgery in Santa Ana, has been accused of performing breast augmentation on two women.
j. These women later infections and had to undergo further surgery for the removal of their implants.
k. The doctor did not recognize the fact that the implants could contain bacteria.
l. He also delayed the removal of the implants in one patient.
m. The doctor has said that one patient was already infected when she came for the procedure while the other had complications due to smoking.