Women aspiring for a rounder bottom better be aware. Kimberly Smedley, a businesswoman based in Atlanta, offers customers a rounder and firmer bottom in a procedure that is considered not only illegal but also dangerous. Convicted earlier twice for shoplifting, Smedley acknowledges that she is neither a doctor nor a nurse. Yet she is offering this illegal procedure to customers for a price.

Highlights of the procedure
a. This is an injectible procedure.
b. Medical grade silicone is injected directly into the butt muscles of customers.
c. A total of 9 injections is required on each butt for the desired result.
d. This is an illegal procedure.
e. Customers say that though the procedure initially gives a butt lift, it gradually gives way to hard lumps, ripples and skin discolorations.
f. Smedley does not guarantee that the results will be scar free.
g. The treatment takes about half an hour.
h. The customer is unable to sit for about 8 hours after the procedure.

$1,600 in cash for nine injections to each cheek.