An aspiring actress died when her heart was accidentally punctured during cosmetic surgery to correct her protruding chin. The eight hour operation to correct the alignment of 20-year- old Alexandra Mills’s upper jaw had been hailed as a success by surgeons. But, unknown to the medical team, a fine tube inserted to monitor her blood pressure had pierced the wall of her heart. When Ms Mills was given an injection of potassium the next day to aid her recovery, the drug leaked through the hole in her heart and triggered a cardiac arrest and that led to irreversible brain damage. Ms Mills had been teased at school due to her protruding chin. Her mother Jane Mills said: “She’d always wanted to go on the stage. When she was little she was teased at school because of her chin, so she didn’t want to let it stand in the way of her career.” Friends and parents worried and depicted it as a pathetic incident in the medical history and Mill’s life. Surgeons have shown pity and explained that Mills is an unfortunate victim of terrible coincidence happened in medical history. Doctors could not be blame for it. There is no real human control over death. However it is the most tragic one that she pays her life on the cost of minor cause.