dr-peter-james-normann.jpg The Arizona Medical Board has requested patients to report botched cosmetic surgeries. This follows the suspension of Dr. Peter James Normann's license after the death of three liposuction patients in his care. The State Board of Medical Examiners has issued an 11 page report listing Dr Normann's misdemeanors. To file a complaint with the Arizona Medical Board - Click here

Case Highlights
a. Two healthy patients died of cardiac arrest after liposuction surgery conducted by Dr Normann.
b. Dr Normann signed an agreement on May 23, 2007, saying that he will not carry out any procedures or surgeries using conscious sedation.
c. A third patient dies in his care following liposuction surgery by another doctor brought in by Dr Normann.
d. Dr Normann is charged with providing inadequate pre and post operative care to patients, not taking into account patient history and not explaining the risks of the procedures.
e. He did not have a trained anesthetist and was not present when the patient was under sedation.
f. He did not have any qualified assistants and medical procedures were performed by untrained people.
g. He did not keep proper records of procedures and patients.
h. He was not a trained plastic surgeon.