Charlotte based plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Drago has received an immediate summary suspension from the N.C. Medical Board following concerns regarding his quality of care and ability to practice. This suspension means that he will no longer be allowed to practice in the North Carolina area. The board prepared a six-page order of suspension against the surgeon following complaints from about 10 patients.

Highlights of the suspension order
a. The main allegation against the surgeon is ‘failure to conform to the applicable standard of care’.
b. Dr. Drago apparently told a board investigator that he had suffered from numbness in his hands, forgetfulness and depression.
c. Dr. Drago also admitted to prescribing drugs like testosterone in the name of patients and administering it to himself in 2007 and 2008.
d. He is said to have undergone treatment from a neurologist in June 2008.
e. He apparently also had an MRI done which revealed multiple lesions on his brain.
f. It is concluded that his physical and mental conditions ‘constitute him being unable to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety’.
g. Dr. Drago was not available for comment.
h. The board will soon schedule a hearing to consider this case and take appropriate actions.