dr.timothy-rosio.jpg A well known El Dorado Hills dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon is being investigated for using a drug alternative to Botox. Dr. Timothy Rosio has been accused of misleading patients. However, Dr. Rosio insists that he was mislead by the various ads & periodicals promoting the product to being similar as the FDA approved Botox. His sentence will be announced on August 16, 2007, and he might be fined an amount of $100,000.

Controversy Highlights
a. Dr. Rosio used an unauthorized alternative drug to Botox.
b. He bought this drug from a company in Arizona called TRI.
c. He tried to pass it off as Botox to patients.
d. This drug is meant only for research purposes.
e. The FDA does not approve of this drug for human use.
f. As many as 15 of his patients were injected with this drug.