According to Dr. Jan Adams, the procedures that he conducted on Donda West, mother of rap star Kanye West, were successful and there were no post surgical complications. He had performed a breast reduction, tummy tuck and liposuction on 58-year-old Donda West. He however, admits that there was a "small list of possibilities" that could have caused West's death. He made these comments to The Times on November 19, 2007.

Dr Adams comments
a. Dr Adams says that he thinks West possibly died of a heart attack, embolism or accidental overdose.
b. Adams did not say why he thought West could have suffered a heart attack.
c. He says that a drug overdose could have caused West's death.
d. He had prescribed Vicodin for her post surgical pains.
e. The Los Angeles County coroner's office, which completed a preliminary autopsy report on West last week, had stated surgery or anesthesia as a possible result of death.
f. Adams refused to elaborate until the coroner's office completes its investigation.
g. Neither the coroner's officials nor West's family were available for comment.