propofol-drug.jpg Recent news reports alleging complications due to incompetence and negligence have lead to the cancellation of the license of a doctor based in Arizona. Most of the liposuction deaths occur due to improper administration of sedatives prior to surgical procedures by unqualified staff. One of the main complaints against the doctor, Dr. Peter Normann, was his improper use of Propofol during liposuction procedures. Propofol is a drug which is used to reduce anxiety and tension among lipo patients, before the surgery.

Drug Benefits
a. This drug reduces anxiety and tension.
b. It relaxes the patient who falls asleep or loses consciousness.
c. It is generally used for surgeries where the duration of the procedure is less.
d. It is also used as general anesthesia in adult patients and pediatric patients who are more that 3 years of age.
e. Its effects are for a short duration.
f. It takes effect in approximately 40 seconds.
g. Patients are able to recover faster.
h. There is less nausea and vomiting.

a. It should be administered only by a trained medical personnel.
b. A physician should carefully monitor a patient's respiratory status when the patient is under sedation.
c. An unmonitored patient runs the risk of respiratory arrest.
d. Changes in patient's breathing can happen in seconds.
e. A patient might experience difficulty in breathing, palpitations, lightheadedness, numbness in hands or feet, seizures, rashes, etc.