This is a great site. It helps one find out about the numerous scams being propagated by beauty and fitness companies. One visit to and one will know what we are talking about. This site is definitely a must visit if one is planning to buy a health, beauty or fitness products after watching an inspiring infomercial. This site has reviews and testimonies by users on numerous beauty and fitness products sold using infomercials be it on T.V or on the Internet. Users also have the prerogative to defend products and companies that they feel have been wrongly implicated.

Website Highlights
a. Users post reviews on infomercial companies on this site.
b. Dissatisfied customers can voice their grievances here.
c. Users also have the right to defend any company that they feel is wrongly implicated.
d. This site has a list of all infomercial products.
e. If any products are missing, users can add it to the existing list.
f. It warns customers against buying products that are sold through the Internet.
g. It lists the adverse effects of products sold online.
h. It has a comprehensive list of beauty and fitness products sold online.

a. Most of the posting are semi-anonymous, so it cannot be verified.
b. It does not contain any information about manufacturers, retailers and distributors of the products.