dr-peter-james-normann-Liposuction.jpg Dr. Peter Normann, the liposuction doctor who was charged with 3 liposuction deaths, seems to have disappeared. He was charged with gross negligence and his license to practice medicine was revoked by the Arizona Medical Board earlier this month. The victims' families are contemplating their next move.

Updates of the Normann case
a. Dr Normann hasn't been seen since his license was suspended in July 2007.
b. This was before his administrative hearing.
c. Nobody seems to know where he is.
d. Dr Normann did not defend himself at the hearing or before the Medical Board when it voted on revoking the license.
e. He did not have an attorney and did not respond to any summons.
f. He did not have any malpractice insurance.
g. His house also may not have any equity.
h. If he fails to appear within the stipulated time, the victims' lawyer will seek a judgment in the clients' favor.