rehab-makeup-cosmetic-surgery-mistakes.jpg Reiko Kazki is the pioneer and founder of Rehab Makeup. The specialized makeup art has been developed by Reiki Kazki to help her tide over her own problem. Rehab makeup helps patients cover cosmetic surgery scars left after cleft lip surgery, birthmarks and blemishes that have appeared, after undergoing various cosmetic procedures. Even plastic surgeons, dermatologists are impressed with results attained with Rehab Makeup.

Major Benefits
a. Women who have lost facial parts like eye, chin, etc. due to cancer, were forced to undergo cosmetic surgery, earlier to correct facial flaws. Now Rehab Makeup, can correct all the facial flaws and remarkably improve facial appearance.
b. For the women whose face turns red in cold weather, due to low blood circulation (associated with heart problem) Rehab Makeup is considered as an ultimate solution.
c. It can be applied within 15 minutes of time.
d. The procedure is only being offered in Japan currently and can be taught in 1 session of 45 minutes.
e. The procedure has helped more than 20,000 women worldwide.