A study report presented at the annual meeting of The Radiological Society of North America, has found that the use of illicit liquid silicone for breast augmentation, hips, buttocks, chest and arms can cause serious health hazard. If liquid silicone is not injected properly by the physician, it can prove fatal to the patient, explained Carlos S. Restrepo, M.D.

Dr. Restrepo and his team have reviewed imaging findings of 44 patients, who have received illicit silicone injections.

Fatal Consequences
a. Patients develop respiratory problems, as the improperly injected silicone enters the blood stream and clogs the lungs. About 11 patients of the 44 patients have died due to these complications.
b. Male transsexuals who predominantly undergo cosmetic procedures of genitalia, breasts are more prone to risks.
c. Doctors have advised women not to participate in "pumping parties" where a number of people receive silicone injections in the the same place.