spa-services-international-airports.jpg The large airports in Europe and Asia are providing unique services to the passengers to make them feel relaxed. Especially for the passengers waiting for connecting flights, these airports are offering various services to passengers such as showers, massage centers, spas, hotels, casinos, theaters and swimming pools etc.

Services offered to passengers

a. Singapore Changi airport is offering services which include showers, private Jacuzzis, manicures, rest lounges for a fee, hotel rooms for hourly rent, a gym, a movie theater and an indoor swimming pool etc. Passengers who have a long wait for a connecting flight are offered free city tours.
b. Amsterdam Schiphol airport is offering services like a meditation center for spiritually inclined, casinos for gamblers, a playground with video games for children and Lego pieces and TVs playing Disney shows.
c. Hong Kong International is a great airport for those who like to shop.
d. Frankfurt Airport City has a casino and an 'erotic shop'. It also has counters offering European tour deals with deep discounts.
e. Vancouver (British Columbia) International is offering medical and dental services in addition to the services like flower-shop, full-service banks, showers, business services and pay-per- use
lounges with food, a gym and a spa.
f. Tokyo Narita with beauty salon, a dentist office offers various services like locksmith and pet hotel, dry cleaner and rent rooms for naps and showers, video & audio rooms with sofa and surround-sound TV facility.
g. Seoul Incheon offers a few hour tour packages for connecting passengers.
h. All these international airports accept major credit cards for their services.