marena-compression-garments.jpg Marena Group, is a garment manufacturing unit, specializing in manufacturing compression garments for patients who have undergone plastic surgery. This small, young firm has made strides, winning the confidence of hospitals, doctors with its sheer quality, service, innovative and comfortable designs for any patient, minimizing his pain, discomfort.

Product Highlights
a. Marena's ComfortWear® brand of garments constitutes of products for both male and female and has girdles, bras, vests, facial wear and post-surgical exercise wear.
b. Its comfort wear garments are exclusively meant to be worn by patients, after plastic surgeries such as liposuction, breast augmentation, breast reconstruction.
c. Garments are made with fabric named Comfortweave® that acts like a second skin, and helps the body heal faster.
d. Comfortweave® fabric has anti-microbial/ moisture-wicking properties; reduces patient’s post-operative problems like bruising, swelling. .
e. ComfortWear® compression garments are very comfortable to patient.
f. The garments help easy movement of body parts and help to flush out harmful toxins using body’s natural lymph system.
g. Research conducted at Georgia Institute of Technology, North Carolina State University and Heriot-Watt University in Scotland; has shown that Comfortweave® products are preferred by customers than elastic fabrics.
h. On order, Marena offers shipment on the same day, whatever be the size, color or size.
i. One can buy Marena’s ComfortWear® products here