According to a recent report, buttock enhancing injections at an unlicensed clinic in North Carolina proved to be hazardous for 3 women. All 3 women suffered kidney failure following the procedure. Brant Goode, a US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention career epidemiology field officer assigned to the North Carolina Division of Public Health in Raleigh, is the co-author of this report which has been published in the Center for Disease Control's May 2, 2008 issue of Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report.

Highlights of the report
a. All 3 procedures were performed at an unlicensed North Carolina clinic.
b. The procedure was performed by untrained personnel without any medical supervision.
c. The content of the injections could not be verified but it is believed to be silicon oil.
d. All 3 women suffered from kidney failure believed to be caused by the procedure but they subsequently recovered.
e. The patients complained of headache, nausea and dark colored urine following the procedure.
f. One of the patients, a 26 year old from Maryland, complained of pain in her abdomen, lightheadedness and nausea after the procedure.
g. On inspection of the clinic, a North Carolina Division of Public Health investigation team found that the facility had an ineffective infection-control procedure, among other issues.
h. All 3 women heard of the facility through Internet chat rooms.