elephant-pharmacy.jpg Elephant Pharmacy a new and upcoming drugstore offering a blend of eastern and western drugs has opened up its 3rd store in Los Altos, California. The products offered by Elephant Pharm are unique combination of eastern alternative medicine such as Chinese facials and western drugs.

Store Highlights
a. The products sold at Elephant Pharm are blend of virtues of East and West.
b. The store has about 500 products that includes Chinese painkiller Yan Hu Suo, Yoga related items and Indian Ayurvedic preparation.
c. Store's herbal pharmacy has a licensed herbalist.
e. For those interested in natural ways of healing there are numerous books on Yoga, including books on various aspects of health.
e. This store would be a great place, for Baby Boomers looking for natural alternatives to improve their health status. .
f. Store offers wellness classes like chair yoga, ear acupuncture and Qu gong. It offers conventional medications in the form of lollipops.