fit-pit.jpg Levi Strauss shall start using a new machine called 'Fit Pit' for customers to avoid the tiresome fitting room experience. The Fit Pit is a machine that can measure a person's body using low-power radio waves and then the machine suggests the best-fitting style and size. The scanner is developed by IntelliFit, for US government to detect lethal weapons at airports and public places. It works through all clothing and can be programmed to suggest all sorts of brands. Scanning booths on similar lines have been around for several years, but those use lasers and require the customer to change into tight fitting clothing to be scanned. In the Fit Pit, the customer walks into the 8-foot-high glass enclosure in regular clothes and a vertical wand rotates around the body, recording 200,000 different pieces of data. The entire process takes around 10 seconds and the results are printed on a receipt that can be used to buy jeans at any store.