perfect-facial-profile.jpg The perfect Hollywood face of celebrities have high and prominent cheekbones, a perfect nose and a chiseled jaw line. Sadly, not everyone is born with these features. But thanks to modern science, one can achieve this with a little effort. An implant here, a liposuction there, a minor surgery… and you have just the right profile.

The nose
a. Most women are conscious of their nose, which is also the most prominent feature of the facial profile.
b. Nasal defects can be rectified with rhinoplasty, which is performed on people above the age of 35.
c. Plastic surgery can correct bridge hump, a bulbous tip, can slim down a large nose and reduce flared nostrils for women to have the perfect profile.

The chin and jaw
a. The proper balance between the chin and jaw are important in projecting a perfect facial profile.
b. Implants in the chin and along the jawline can enhance facial contours.
c. Chin implants are placed over the bone through a small incision on the insides of the mouth or under the chin can make a difference.
d. Chin implant surgery is a minor surgery and a person needs just a week to recuperate.
e. Genioplasty is a form of chin surgery which is performed on patients with small, extremely large or asymmetrical chin. The procedure uses the patients own bone to correct the deformity.

Chin Fat or Double Chin
a. Some women have fat under the chin and this does not give a chiseled look.
b. Plastic surgeons perform liposuction to remove the fat under the chin. Recent procedure such as smartlipo are highly beneficial to fix the condition.
c. Patients come out of it with just minor bruises and discomfort.
d. Some patients also undergo a Neck lift procedure, where the surgeon tightens the skin on the neck using cosmetic procedures.