cosmetic-surgery-to-get-rid-of-migrane.jpg Almost 30 million Americans suffer from the debilitating effects of migraine. Severe headache, associated nausea, sensitivity to light and sound makes life very difficult for such people. As yet, there are no known cures for this condition. However, there are five places in the US where a patient can get relief after undergoing a controversial surgical procedure that involves the removal of the offending muscles. Patients who have tried out this procedure claim to have benefited immensely.

Procedure Benefits
a. This is a highly controversial surgery presently performed by only 5 surgeons.
b. Surgeons remove a few muscles in the forehead, back and temples, that are the root cause of migraine.
c. Surgeons resort to the use of botox to paralyze these muscles.
d. Patients are first given treatment to decrease the frequency and severity of their headaches by at least 50 per cent.
e. Limited studies have shown that this procedure is able to eliminate or significantly reduce migraines.
f. This procedure is not covered by insurance companies.
g. Doctors performing this surgery are Dr. Kevin Rose & Dr. Bahman Guyuron