The data on cosmetic procedures performed on teenagers (18 and below) shows that Rhinoplasty (to re-shape the nose) is what topped among teenagers. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) has appealed to consider the following points for teenagers before going for cosmetic surgery. They are: to assess physical development of the
feature (which is to be operated) whether it is fully developed, find the emotional maturity level and expectations, check the credentials of the doctor and know the risks and probable recovery time etc.

Rhinoplasty, breast reduction, correction of breast asymmetry where 2 breasts are of different size and shape, Gynecomastia (removing breasts developed in teenage boys), chin augmentation are the common surgeries performed on teenagers. In the year 2005 174,851 procedures where performed on teens representing 1.5% of the total cosmetic procedures done.