more-than-skin-deep.jpg Cosmetic surgery is no longer the exclusive preserve of the rich and the famous. More and more people are now going in for surgical enhancements to better their appearance. Many people also opt for it due to frivolous reasons. Seeing this trend, San Francisco plastic surgeon Loren Eskenazi, has chronicled her 25 years of experience in cosmetic surgery in her book More Than Skin Deep: Exploring the Real Reasons Why Women Go Under the Knife.

Book Review
a. This book seeks to explore the reasons behind a woman's decision to go under a surgeon's knife.
b. It shatters the myths and misconceptions of cosmetic surgery.
c. The author compares cosmetic enhancements to ancient rites of passage that celebrated different life stages.
d. This book opposes the view that insecure women go in for surgical enhancements.
e. This is an interesting book that will appeal to a large cross-section of people.
f. This book has been published by HarperCollins.
g. It costs $24.95 and can be bought online from