Appearances count even for the dead. According to reports, more and more people are demanding a cosmetic lift to smooth lines, plump lips and even boost sagging body parts for their funeral. In fact, morticians get requests from families of deceased people to do restorative work on the body all the time. From setting a peaceful facial expression to erasing signs of age, disease or trauma to recreating the deceased’s individual style with regard to hair, nails and makeup, morticians act as the plastic surgeons for the dead.

Services Offered
a. Morticians use pictures of the deceased to guide them in their work.
b. They also follow recommendations for facial hair, makeup, nail color and hair style from the family of the deceased.
c. Some families provide the funeral home with makeup and personal stylists.
d. Tissue fillers are injected into the lips, nose, cheeks, above the eyebrows, the chin and the hands to give it a smooth appearance.
e. People who have had a violent death may require more restoration work.
f. Some people ask for their lips to be plumped, cheeks to be filled and contoured and hollowed hands to be injected with filler.
g. Some people request the removal of any kind of silicone implant before the body is delivered for cremation.