Venture Capitalists are always on the look out for different industries to spread their Investments. One such industry is healthcare, where start ups are on the rise because the life-improving gizmos often use the same hardware and software found in the IT world - gear that is familiar to the large number of VCs with engineering backgrounds. Indeed, information technology is giving birth to a new generation of medical devices that are doing everything from smoothing wrinkles to easing depression.

In the U.S., people paid more than $12.5 billion in 2005 for cosmetic procedures out of their own pockets. It's the sort of predictable and growing market VCs love.

Many VC’s are quick to identify that, the next boom of Investments in Healthcare arena will be in non-invasive cosmetic surgery and skin care. Start ups in this arena that recently received funding include DermaCare, a Livermore, Calif. based company that landed $2.7 million to develop new skincare technologies. Palo Alto-based Aesthetic Sciences banked $3 million for its soon-to-launch "injectable filler" products which promise to erase, or at least lessen, wrinkles.