barry-friedberg.jpgWith the name and fame for saving lives going to surgeons, anesthesiologists are out of the limelight. There is one Anesthesiologist Dr.Barry Friedberg of Corona Del Mar who wants to project himself as “Speciality Anesthesiologist”. He comes as a helping hand for all those who want to undergo plastic surgery, but are worried over the post-sedative bout of vomiting that can come with. Friedberg even trademarked his own slogan – "minimally invasive anesthesia." His Web site,, boasts more than 3,000 hits monthly. He says he assists in up to 250 surgeries a year; mostly tummy tucks and face-lifts.

Minimally invasive anesthesia, advocated by him makes patients nausea-free, hangover-free and pain-free. He pioneered a drug cocktail “PK and says, bad Anesthesia can lead to death. Although, many anesthesiologists use heart rate and blood pressure to ensure people are medicated enough during surgery, he use a brain-wave monitor in its place. His book on minimally invasive anesthesia is set to come out in the month of November.