skin-depression.jpg A recent study has shown that a persons emotional state, psychological health, anxieties, and nervousness have both negative and positive effects on the skin. Identifying and treating such kind of psychological issues has paved the way for evolution of a new science called Psychodermatology.

Skin Benefits
a. There is enough clinical data to support the view that psychological factors can spill or aggravate certain skin ailments.
b. This mind-skin connection is key to understand certain type of skin problems. Depression and over anxiety in leads to scratching of skin that gives rise to lesions.
c. A skin condition which is prominent among depressed people is called neurodermatitis. Depressed people have a tendency to scratch their skin constantly and leads to skin lesions. Patients complain about their constant itching sensation, however it all starts off with the patient scratching over and over again. Doctors use medications to relieve them of the itch and calm the nerve endings.
d. Another skin is called Delusions of Parasitosis. Here patients strongly believe that there are bugs in the skin or the skin is infected. They dig the skin and pierce the scabs from there. They are treated with high doses of anti-psychotic medications.
e. Some depressed patients also suffer from acne excoria, where in the patients resort to scratching and spread the infection to affect the entire face.
f. The latest findings on mind-skin connection is making dermatologists to inquire patients about their psyche, some times anti-depressants are prescribed to help relieve depression and anxiety.