Experts recommend plastic surgeons to be cautious in selecting patients, for cosmetic surgery. Doctors need to assess the patient's psychological and physical fitness and their ability to accept the reasonable risk and their expectation level- whether it is realistic or not.

Patients to be avoided for cosmetic procedure

a. Who, has unrealistic and impractical expectations.
b. One experiencing life crisis, unhappy with life, and dissatisfied with earlier physicians.
c. Poor listeners and those in hurry

The happy one is with whom the physician feels comfortable is the best candidate to select for cosmetic procedure. But selecting patients this way may rule out high proportion of patients approaching surgeons. Still it is not advisable to encourage the patient who is unfit for the procedure.

The plastic surgeon might have done his best job for the patient, but this does not make the patients happy. This is the case with some patients. That's why it is advised to hone up one's skills in patient selection, and take a proactive approach when complications occur. To avoid problems with patients after surgery, it is better to take images of them prior to the procedure, as patients tend to forget their appearance, how they looked before cosmetic intervention.

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