There is a lot of stress on oral hygiene nowadays. Even some insurance companies have joined the bandwagon by stating that good oral health can prevent many diseases and thereby there will be fewer insurance claims. Research has shown that clean teeth can prevent heart diseases. It has now been found that it can be beneficial for diabetic patients and pregnant women also.

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a. Certain insurers like Aetna and Cigna are extending their dental plans to cover more dental procedures.
b. Extra cleanings for diabetic and heart patients and pregnant women are now covered by some insurance companies.
c. This is because dental health can be the key to overall health of a person.
d. At present only 50 per cent of Americans are covered by some dental insurance plans.
e. Traditionally, companies covered only diagnostic and preventive care like teeth cleaning twice a year and fluoride treatment.
f. Companies usually cover 80 per cent of teeth fillings and gum disease treatments expenses.