Everyone knows that there is a thriving alternative therapy industry that offers a cheaper alternative to traditional surgeries and medicines. This industry is believed to be worth $48 billion in the US alone. Holistic therapies can treat anything from insomnia, sleep apnea, migraines, menopause, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, infertility, skin conditions to allergies. But this was more or less ignored by the insurance providers so far. Now the story takes a different turn. More and more providers are waking up to the fact that this is cost effective and better in the long run.

Program Review
a. Insurance companies are recognizing that alternative therapy is cost-effective.
b. However, very big and very small insurance companies are still skeptical about this.
c. This is due to the fact that not much information is available on holistic medicine.
d. Even now, higher premiums are charged for covering alternative therapies.
e. Alternative Health Insurance Services, founded by Steve Gorman, helps clients find group insurance plans that cover holistic medicine.
f. Now, alternative and conventional doctors are teaming up to offer integrative medicine.