care-credit-plastic-surgery-loans.jpg With the demand for cosmetic procedures going up, now more and more doctors and dentists are offering easy financing options. Tummy tucks, teeth whitening and LASIK eye surgery are some of the procedures where financing is available. CareCredit is one company that offers this facility.

Company Highlights
a. This is a unit of GE Money.
b. It provides medical loans to patients of doctors who are associated with them.
c. They have loans on easy monthly installments and also credit cards that can be used only for medical purposes at participating doctors' offices.
d. They have interest free options for 3, 6, 12 and even 18 months.
e. They also have some fixed-rate plans, which start at 11.9 per cent, that are of a longer duration than zero-interest loans.
f. There are no up-front costs, annual fees and pre-payment penalties.
g. Their card can be used at over 75,000 participating healthcare practices nationwide.
h. One can apply for their loans online.
i. The entire process is simple and quick.