Being beautiful is an expensive necessity. Cosmetic procedures that promise a younger look, a shapely figure or a more chiseled appearance are not only expensive but are also not covered by health insurance companies. Now, however, due to the efforts of the American Cosmetic Surgery Network, owned by United Networks of America Inc., people can have the services of reputable surgeons at a discounted rate.

Highlights of the American Cosmetic Surgery Network
a. This network runs discount programs for prescription drugs, hearing aids, dental care and vision-correction surgery.
b. They also have discounted cosmetic enhancement programs, both surgical and non-surgical.
c. Other than plastic surgery, they also have discounts on laser hair removal and skin resurfacing.
d. Their prices are almost 20 per cent lower than the market rate.
e. People can buy access to their list of doctors for an annual fee of $90.
f. A person has to show their ID card for verification before they can have access to the discounts.
g. The patients have to pay for the services of doctors and surgeons from their own pockets.
h. Insurance companies have started offering discounts through the network to their clients.
i. All the surgeons' credentials are thoroughly verified before they are taken into the network.

Insurance companies offering discounts through the network
a. BlueCross BlueShield, South Carolina
b. Humana Inc., Louisiana
c. Coventry Health Care Inc., Louisiana
d. AmeriPlan Corp., Texas