There is a craze among Latin Americans for contestants of beauty pageants. Though this has lost its charm in many parts of the world, such pageants present Latin Americans with a rare chance to get both fame and money. Now a new televised beauty pageant for Hispanic-American women will be broadcast by Miami's Univision television network. This show will be directed by Osmel Sousa, Latin America's most revered beauty coach. Women will be recruited from all over the state and the show will be broadcast as a reality TV show.

Program Review
a. This is a grueling months-long training for contestants of beauty pageants.
b. The criteria for participation is women who are US residents between the ages of 16 and 26 years and of Hispanic origin / Latin American-born women.
c. Sousa's reputation is such that women are willing to undergo surgery just to meet him.
d. Miami's Univision television network will broadcast the contestants' months-long preparation in successive episodes.
e. Talent spotters will hunt for prospective contestants in restaurants, salons, malls and even on the streets.
f. Sousa was the person behind the victory of 4 Venezuelan Miss Universes and 5 Miss Worlds.
g. Women will have to live in a confined space during the duration of the training that includes modeling, dance classes and strict diets.
h. Sousa will determine whether contestants need surgical touchups.