beyond-botox-ben-kaminsky.jpg The founder of B.Kamins, skincare line Ben Kaminsky in his new book "Beyond Botox" has enumerated many issues associated with skin aging. He feels that using Botox to erase wrinkles or fine lines on face, is nothing but working on the symptoms, ignoring the real cause. Healthy lifestyle is the key to address the problem of aging skin he feels

Book Review
a. The book provides valuable information on products, treatments and lifestyle changes to safeguard skin, without resorting to cosmetic procedures, like botox.
b. Tea, Apples, Red wine, calcium rich foods and dark blue foods like blueberries or blackberries are very helpful in promoting healthy skin.
c. Some of the factors which accelerates aging signs of skin are—diabetes, long run medication, high fat and processed food, obesity, under weight (below normal weight by 10 pounds), smoking, sedentary lifestyle, history of poorly treated rosacea, acne, highly stressful lifestyle, history of excessive exercise/sun exposure, sleeping less than 6-hours a day, tanning, infrequent use of moisturizers and sunscreens, poor skin care hygiene and excess consumption of alcohol etc.
d. The book is priced $24.99 and one can buy "Beyond Botox" from