The beauty products industry is no stranger to controversy. The latest product to be in a soup is Avon's ‘Thermafirm skin cream'. Acting on a complaint and after reviewing the situation, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled that this product is just a moisturizer and banned its promotional campaigns. Most of the claims made in the promotional campaigns of the product were misleading. The ruling came after eight weeks of detailed research of the effect of the product on 152 women.

Promotion Controversy
a. Thermafirm face lift cream was promoted as an alternative to plastic surgery.
b. It was promoted as a home remedy for tight and firm skin.
c. Avon claimed that the product would show results in three days flat.
e. The promos for the product used 'before' and 'after' illustrations.
f. It was said to be a cheaper alternative to thermal face lift.
g. The ads allegedly violated the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rules of health and beauty products.
h. The Thermafirm face lift costs $32