A new book, which covers every aspect about breasts, is due for publication next year by Seal Press. The author of "bOObs: A Guide to your Girls" is Elisabeth Squires has many interesting aspects for girls to acquaint with their breasts. The book is supposed to release next year 2007.

Book Review
a. Book has features written on breast feeding, breast cancer, mammograms, cosmetic surgery, various bra-fittings and also writes about unique stories from women about their breasts.
b. It exhaustively, covers the topics like how breasts change as one ages.
c. Other than focusing on breast implants and popular procedures the book discusses the ignored aspects like breast reduction and breast lift.
d. Author has written about the women's psyche of overestimating the breast size men like. She feels men like proportion.
e. Visit for more information on boobs from Squires.
f. The book educates teenagers to learn how to find the right bra size.
g. The book is supposed to be an owners manual for all women who wish to learn more about their breasts.