clearsil-acne-removal-marketing-program-in-schools.jpg Clearasil, company as a part of its advertisement campaign has enlisted teachers to distribute brochures and product samples to school children. This has sparked the debate of how rightful it is to do marketing in schools to children. The company is defending its action, saying that it is on a drive to educate them on skin care. Some critics argue that educating children about personal hygiene is fine, but the company is distributing branded content, product samples on acne and other treatments.

The Clearasil brochure bills the brand as "Clear. Smooth. Cool" and advises children to "Get the jump on pimples, acne and oil with Clearasil." It has pictures and blurbs on five products, and, in smaller print on the bottom of the page, answers four questions about acne and hygiene. The kit includes a sample of daily face wash with information on how it works and how to use it.